Our Commitment.

Here at ONE, we are committed to helping businesses stay relevant and focused in the modern era with reliable internet and telecoms. This is why we offer a specially crafted selection of communication services which provide you with the tools you need to empower employees and meet customer needs.

  • What we offer sounds like a more expensive solution, but in reality, it offers far greater value for money.
  • We can boost your business by offering you a tailored or bespoke telecoms and internet services.
  • We offer our customers value and confidence, and we would be more than happy to provide this to you.
  • We listen to you, discuss your needs and expectations, and then provide you with that service.
  • Customers stay with us because we care, not because they are tied into long-term deals.
  • We meet the changing needs of business and we provide the speed and reliability you require at a price that is of value.
  • To stay competitive, your business needs a healthy level of service with no compromise on quality.

If you are after that personal touch the larger companies fail to deliver; then look no further than our ‘quality not quantity’ service, no rival can compete with.

Our promise.

Since most businesses internet users are looking for cost-effective but a more reliable and trustworthy telecoms and internet provider, we at ONE are very confident that we can not only provide you with a better service for a great price; but we can also provide you with the 1:1 support that your current internet or telecoms provider may not be able too.

In the modern business era, connectivity and communication is at the heart of everything. Individuals are demanding higher quality connections at home and on the go, so you can imagine the demands that modern businesses have.

A modern business needs to have high speed and robust communications which provides flexibility but which will also be of value and merit for years to come. The nature of business connectivity is changing fast but there is a need to choose a business internet solution that will provide longevity.

Just think about the way that people work and businesses operate in the current climate. Office based staff are placing demands on the same connection points while remote workers and working from home employees need to be able to access internet networks safely, securely and quickly.

There are high expectations in the business world and so many firms find themselves being let down by their business communications provider. If you have been let down and are looking for assurance and better service, we are here to help.

The Friendly Wi-Fi scheme helps children to surf safely, it allows parents to feel more confident about what their loved ones can access and it allows businesses to show that they are supporting a safer environment for children..

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