Internet and Telephony solutions for the Armed Forces and Veterans

HM Armed Forces Veteran


HM Armed Forces Veteran’s Deal from One UK comes with a commitment that we are proud to have family and friends who have served and are currently serving in the UK Armed Forces.  And like many, we are tired of the way some if not many Veteran’s are left out in the cold.  We (in a small way) would like to show our way of supporting those individuals and families who have either served or are currently serving in the UK Armed Forces and past Armed Forces Veterans.

Business Grade Telephone and broadband at HM Veteran Pricing.

How can we do this? Simple, we do not make a profit, not a penny.  Unlike many a ‘business’ out there, we are not here to make money out of the forces or veterans, we are here to help and we can afford too.  We are tired of seeing ‘another’ businesses provide this that and the other then charge obscene prices for the pleasure.  We are tired of seeing squaddies being ripped off for ‘training’ for ‘memberships’ etc so we want to do something for the rights of those who allow us to sit here and type in the freedom that those have sacrificed.

This is not a gimmick, nor is it a con to get you connected with is, we are a true ISP, we only offer ‘Quality not Quantity’ on our network, which means no slow down at 16:00hrs because the kids have come home from school, no overseas call centres, no level 1 support, no level 2 support; just us directly – pure 1:1 connection.

Talk is Cheap.

Plenty a Company talks the talk then takes your money and presents you with a number (irony), we will require confirmation of your serving history to ensure your not some walt looking for a good deal off the backs of those who work hard.  Once we have that wrapped up, we will discuss our pricing with you.  It’s not a smoke and mirror game, we are an ISP and our wholesale buy rates are unique, so we can offer these savings to you, but only once we have everything in place.

We are offering you a business grade broadband and telephone deal (if needed) that should help you if you need help, if not its a good deal so why not take it up?

We have Options.

We are at the forefront of connectivity solutions, we can find the right deal for you at the right price, with no contracts.  Take our word for it, give us a call and lets work something out from broadband to mobiles from telephone lines to satellite, all at the right price, for the right person.

Certa Cito.