Proud to sponsor
Proud to sponsor

Supporting Charitable Organisations is crucial but in the current economic climate, it is becoming harder for people to justify supporting charitable causes in the way that they would like to. This is unfortunate because charities are finding themselves exposed to the same difficult financial conditions as many of us are, which sees them struggling for funding. This is where charities and well-wishers are looking for alternative ways to raise funds without putting too much pressure on their supporters or the general public.

At One UK, we fully support a number of charities and we recognise how the right level of support can make a difference to so many great groups, and the people that they support. This is why we are pleased to be able to offer a service which will hopefully be of benefit to the voluntary sector and charitable organisations. Would you like to find a simple cost effective, reliable solution to make more money for your cause?

One UK is dedicated to helping the voluntary sector and charitable organisations and we want to ensure you make the most of the opportunities available to you. It may be that you or anyone else running a charitable organisation may not be aware of the options that are available to provide assistance to you.

We can provide you with regular income

We are happy to provide a service where you can work with us to increase the level of revenue you receive on an ongoing basis. We can do this through providing you with the option to offer Broadband and VOIP sales in the name of your charity. This means that you can offer a charity branded version of our first class home and business broadband service which will see you earn regular income. This is an area which is no risk or hassle to you but which will bring in much-needed funding to your organisation. We are able to provide you with a sizeable proportion of the return each month and for as long as your supporters use our service and are under contract, you earn money.

We provide the dedicated support and we take care of the sales tasks. We also guarantee that your supporters will receive the same high level of support and assistance that we offer to all of our customers. This is no cut price or basic package being offered to charity groups, this is our full and comprehensive service, which means you can promote it to your supporters with great confidence.

You promote the service, we do the rest

In order to take advantage of the additional income that can be raised in this manner, all you need to do is promote this service. If you provide the dedicated phone line or email ordering address to your customers who then contact us to hook up to our services, we will take care of everything. We provide your supporters with monthly bills that come with your brand and logo, and you can have access to your very own portal and ordering system. This is a fully above-board system and we offer transparency at every step so you can rest assured that you and your supporters will receive a high quality of service. As one of the most highly rated internet suppliers in the United Kingdom, One UK is the ideal company for your charity to partner with.

You can rest assured that your supporters will gain access to a credible and highly reliable service. We also promise to offer a credible level of customer support. We don’t anticipate there being any problems but if there, you can rest assured that we will provide speedy and reliable support at all times. If you are keen to raise funds without placing your supporters or backers under further pressure, why not get in touch with One UK and see how our charitable support can help you?