Unified Communications

Most of us agree that integrating our voice, knowledge, video and mobile communications across a single network is an essential factor for businesses that are looking to streamline their know-how infrastructure. By adopting a single network approach employees also have the added benefit of 24/7 accessibility whatever their location or preferred know-how tool, ensuring that companies can fine-tune to customer demands quickly and effectively.

The reality

On paper, the idea of a unified network sounds like communications nirvana but in point of fact, it is a very different prospect. In an ideal world, you would need a seamless integrated communications network that was provided by a single seller, providing your voice, knowledge and security solutions all under the umbrella with the utmost of ease.

Within most cases, though, organisations knowledge and voice infrastructure has evolved over a time period and is built up from a variety of products supplied by a variety of vendors. This is where organisations need to make sure that they have the necessary technical skills and resource in place before they start to implement a converged network solution.

Bringing in the specialists

In order to address a quantity of the key issues when implementing a Voice & Unified Communications (UC) network such as quality of service, security, infrastructure and employees adoption of the new technique, it can be useful to utilise the skills of a seller independent UC specialist such as ONE Telecom Services.

A multi-vendor specialist such as ONE UK has experience that reaches across plenty of vendors, products and technologies which in turn ensures businesses get independent advice that has their best interests in mind both commercially and technologically. Investing in new technologies can often mean increased costs, in the short term.

However with plenty of UC projects, the mid to long-term benefits are very appealing due to it having an impact on reducing the operational costs of a company as it looks to improve its business processes. By integrating an IP network you are also putting tracking measures in place to help assist the way you interface with all of your customers.

Ask for references

When selecting a UC solutions provider it is important that you thoroughly evaluate their credentials not only from a business point of view but a technological also. Any reputable provider will be able to offer reference sites, demo facilities and capability documents to illustrate their expertise in this area. ONE UK’s Telecom Services is no stranger to providing this knowledge to all their channel partners who show an interest in migrating over to a unified network.

Prospects and partners

IP based Voice & Unified Communications has definitely arrived and is successfully being implemented on a worldwide scale due to critical elements being addressed including industry standards, core infrastructure, security and know-how advances. The impact of this in a world that demands 24/7 communication means that single IP-based networks fusing together a mass of technologies will be here to stay.

A leap of faith

One time an organisation has made that leap of faith it is important that UC providers have the necessary back office to support any future developments within the business that leads to a modify to the network infrastructure. This is where Voice & UC does make a difference, due to it sitting on a single IP-based network, additions and changes can be implemented with maximum impact on a business.