Bonded Broadband

A Bonded Broadband Connection takes multiple communication connections and bonds them together to create a single high speed connection, it offers increased upload and download capabilities for your home or business and is an alternative to EFM’s and leased lines. We have developed advanced ADSL bonding technology allowing up to 10 ADSL lines to be bonded to create larger internet pipe feeds to your home or business. ADSL bonded broadband offers increased speed, reliability, flexibility and resilience.

We use our own custom built bonding box to give us full control over your system allowing for the best speed, throughput and ensuring reliability is the key. The majority of our bonded broadband customers often use two, three or four bonded ADSL circuits, but the number of potential bonds are practically endless.

Bonded broadband speeds vary depending on your specific setup and distance from the exchange, but as a general rule each circuit should maintain the total sum of its individual ADSL circuit parts. For example, if your bonded network comprises four 8Mbps ADSL lines, the resulting speed should be around 26Mbps.

  • Excellent alternative to leased line connections
  • Provides incredible speeds in areas that have low speed capabilities
  • Fully managed and maintained on your behalf
  • Customized to your business and exact requirements
  • Fully Managed System
  • High Savings Over Leased Lines
  • Improved Reliability
  • High Speed
  • Tailor Made Bonded Boxes
  • We Use Our Own Technology
  • Fast Customer Support
  • Bond Satellite / Cellular (3G/4G) ADSL Lines
  • ​Can Save Your Business £1000’s Per Year vs leased lines.