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Business Broadband Internet

There is a lot to consider when choosing a broadband connection for your business.  As a business, your individual needs have to come first when selecting the broadband connection that is right for you. It is likely that you will want to consider cost, reliability, security, scalability and how easily new technologies can be added to your broadband connection.

At One UK, we provide a wide range of managed services that will be of benefit to your business. We are always happy to provide advice, and if you would like to discuss your business broadband options, we are more than happy to talk. We aim to offer a complete service and our managed broadband account means that you have nothing to worry about. We analyse and review your connection on a very regular basis, allowing us to resolve any issues before they affect your business performance. We also provide online reporting tools which enable you to remain in full control of your evolving bandwidth requirements.

We can provide the following:

  • Shared Business Broadband
  • Uncontended (1:1) Business Broadband – Including our MAXStream Service
  • Leased Lines and Direct Internet Access (DIA)
  • Ethernet
  • Point-to-point circuits

We are also able to provide:

  • A wide choice of broadband connection types and access speeds
  • Rapid adoption of new faster “Next Generation Access” technologies
  • A choice of wires only or fully monitored and managed services
  • Flexible billing options of either: a) Pay as you go bandwidth offering the cheapest cost for low bandwidth users or b) Unmetered bandwidth
  • Access to your email from anywhere in the world

These services will help you to find the business broadband solution that meets and exceeds your daily business requirements.

poor broadbandWhat Do You Want From Your Broadband Connection?

When thinking about the best business broadband internet solution for your company, you need to think about what your needs are. At One UK, we are more than happy to sit down with you and discuss what you are looking for. We are then happy to recommend solutions that are right for your business. We are able to offer you a bespoke business broadband service, which will enable you to receive the best value for money service.

We can provide you with Super-Fast Broadband, with speeds from 19Mb/s download and 3.5Mb/s upload. We can offer FFTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) and FTTH (fibre to the home) with speeds of up to 139Mb/s download and 19Mb/s Upload. All of our broadband solutions are competitively priced and we can offer up to 5 Static IP addresses for home users and 8 for businesses. We can provide a 999.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA) and we are able to provide data transfer options if required.

We also know how important an efficient level of customer service is to you which is why all of our support staff can be contacted directly and they are all based in the UK, so when you work, we work.

Is Every Provider The Same?

Sadly no, not every business broadband business provider is the same, but this allows us to provide you with a higher quality service.  At One UK, our aim has to been to provide a wide range of business solutions that meet the needs of even the most demanding business customer.  With affordable pricing and broadband now rolled out to 99% of the UK, it has never been easier to take advantage of good quality broadband. If your business needs connected, allow us to provide you with the business broadband service that will move your business forward.

We promise when you choose us:

  • You will not have to wait in lengthy support queues
  • You will not have to deal with overseas call centres
  • You will receive a high quality level of treatment from staff that care.

We offer:

  • High grade business Router
  • Low contented Allowances for Data Usage
  • Online Back-up if required
  • An extra 2.5Mb/s DSL if needed (depending on distance from enabled BT Exchange)

business broadband the sameBusiness Solutions 

We know that some firms are looking for more when it comes to business solutions and we are keen to provide as much value as we possibly can. This is why our trained team can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Web space and domain registrations
  • Guaranteed levels of service
  • Faster business broadband in previously inaccessible areas
  • Optional broadband line bonding services
  • Choice of point to point and/or Internet connectivity
  • Ability to voice enable the majority of connection types