Home Broadband Internet

The Ultimate Home Broadband Internet

The range of unlimited home broadband services from One UK will provide you with a business grade DSL broadband connection with a high level of quality and service that we state cannot be matched by our rivals. We have developed a reputation for supplying businesses with the connectivity and communication services they require and we are very pleased to be able to offer you what you need at home to be online at all times 24/7/365 with no download limits at peak times. The reliability and connectivity of home broadband services are just as important as it is for business users and we are pleased to say that all One UK users will receive a high level of service, support and reliability.

One area where we provide you with what we believe is a far better service compared to our rivals is down to the fact that we do not provide you with harsh unrealistic download limits and we do not ‘traffic manage’your home broadband line speed either. We believe in providing our customers with the flexibility to meet the needs of a changing home life so that is why we offer business grade DSL for your home broadband connection!

Our home broadband internet customers stay with us because they love the service!


In all of our services we provide you with full throughput. This means you can utilise our services with no fear of limitations when streaming multiple sites at once. With certain other providers, you will face certain limitations and we know how frustrating that can be. We believe in offering a truly consumer-facing broadband service and we believe that our customers receive the benefits of our approach.

We don’t believe in tying customers down with home broadband contracts that provide savings but keep you locked in for a lengthy period of time. We appreciate the act that customers stay with us because they value the service that we offer to them. When you sign up with One UK, you sign a direct debit agreement and then that is you signed up with the freedom to leave whenever you want. We are extremely proud to say that we don’t see many people leaving us.

If you are unsure about the home broadband internet service that you are receiving from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and want to make sure that they deliver what they promise, why not take a speed test? If you find that you are running at a slower rate than what your ISP is promising you, get in touch and deal with a company that delivers what they promise. If you find that your ISP is telling the truth but you still want to benefit from our range of services, let us know. If we are unable to improve the speed of your home broadband internet connection, we will give you a month’s connection for free!