IP VPN Networks

Business Grade IP VPN Network Solutions

By using One UK and our IP VPN Networks, we will provide you with a fully managed network package suitable for your business needs.  If you are encountering issues with running VoIP or other business applications on your current data network we can perform root cause analysis prior to implementing your IP VPN.

By future proofing your IP VPN network, you can take into account the ever-changing business needs.  By delivering the flexibility of a MPLS and QoS we can ensure your business stays one step of the technology world now or anytime in the future.  By using our network we have the partnerships in place to provide connectivity locally or globally, by offering a singular fully integrated solution, we can incorporate not only national destinations but internationally and globally too.

If you want to incorporate VoIP or Video Conferencing on your IP VPN at any time, we can provide the appropriately configured and managed QoS optimised network.

Who should use our IP VPN Networks?

  • Businesses with several branch offices
  • Industrial and commercial businesses (including companies with small, medium and high capacity requirements)
  • Financial institutions and insurance companies
  • Teleworking businesses
  • Governmental and municipal institutions
  • Educational and health institutions

Features and Benefits

  • Uses the high technology MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching)
  • Equipment and networks are shared by multiple users, resulting in better cost performance than can be achieved with a leased line
  • Extra lines or offices can easily be added
  • High security provided by use of both public and private IP address
  • High-quality global-scale IP communication service can be easily established as an option.