Leased Line Connecting The World

Why get a leased line?

Welcome to One UK, we are reliable and cost effective leased line supplier.  If you are looking for a business broadband service that gives you access to the internet with a guaranteed upload and download speed then choose ONE UK to provide that solution.  When you have a leased line it is like you have your own pipe, directly to your office or building and it is capable of carrying huge amounts of data to you, ensuring you have everything you need to run your business.  One UK is a vendor independent and provides connectivity from all of the major UK providers.

What is a Leased Line Exactly?

A Leased Line is a dedicated permanent, ultimate performance network connection that allows your business to transfer data, voice and other internet based traffic via Category grade copper or a fibre optical connection your business location and our ISP’s point of presence (POP).

When you have a leased line you are not sharing your bandwidth with anyone else and you have complete control over it. By having complete control over your leased line you can flex your bandwidth in line with seasonal demands but you only pay for what you need.

Leased lines can be considered to be a premium connection due to the costs that can be attributed. However because a Leased Line is a dedicated always on product/service, the savings that can be made in time, puts a Leased Line at the top of the business requirements and needs of most. Having a dedicated Leased Line ensures office based staff and home workers who rely on such a service can receive the best connection available to them

Leased line speeds are available with bandwidths ranging from 10Mbit/s to 1Gbit/s. Most companies prefer using a Leased Line as it allows them to connect to the internet with the backing of Service Level Agreement (SLA) that ensures the connection is always on and if there is an issue; they have the support and backup to ensure the business is not affected.

Signing up for a leased line with the team here at One UK you will receive one of the fastest internet connections in the UK, you will have delivery over a dedicated optical fibre circuit and a standard Ethernet presentation for a direct connection to a switch or firewall.  We will also not charge any additional fees for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring and support from our offices and you can add multiple IP addresses for no extra charge too.

Summary of Services:

  • Flex – A solution designed to provide an increase in bandwidth instantly on demand when your business requires it.
  • Leased Lines – Provides internet access to connect your business to the world wide web (WWW) by utilising the most reliable 21CN network and fibre optic network across the whole of the UK.
  • Diversity – A solution designed to offer a high level of resilience and redundancy.  Providing leased lines from your office by using 2 or more connectivity providers and incomparable Pops’ and exchanges.
  • Layer2 Circuit – Specifically designed for our wholesale customers who want to take advantage of our Layer 2 connectivity solutions.
  • Interconnects – Wholly designed to provide a 1:1 connection from a data centre to data centre using dark fibre and Ethernet WDM (wave division multiplexing technology).
  • Our Interconnects are available across all of our data centre locations across the UK into Europe and beyond.
  • Point-to-Point Circuits – By using Fibre Optics and our 21CN Ethernet technology, we can connect any number of sites, regardless of location and distance together securely and privately.

You will get:

  • One of the fastest possible commercial Internet connections in the UK
  • Delivery over a dedicated optical fibre circuit
  • Standard Ethernet presentation for direct connection to a switch or firewall
  • Ideal for organisations with large bandwidth requirements
  • No additional usage fees charged 24x7x365 monitoring and support from our offices.
  • Multiple IP addresses at no extra charge

PSTN line and broadband backup

Part of what we offer here at One UK is a pure ADSL backup/failover service.  This is not to be confused with a standalone broadband connection that if something goes amiss, you need to switch it over manually.  This is an automated 100% SLA backup service.  All IP’s will be re-routed so your Leased Line connection works identically.  This will, of course, impact on speed and service, but it is a temporary solution to ensure your business stays online while we rectify the fault.

There will be no extra charges made to you for this service, we will cover all of the expenses when it comes to the costs, such as the telephone line installation, the broadband service and any other costs while your Leased Line is out of service.

Final Note.

If you need ultimate internet connectivity for your business then a leased line is the solution. Through a leased line you have a dedicated connection to the internet whether your need is high or low. Here at One UK we have a team of leased line specialists that have the expertise, infrastructure and resources to get you and your business full connected and ready for success. A leased line is ideal for organisations with large bandwidth requirements and for organisations with home workers and those working from the office.

If your business can not survive without a connection to the internet you need to speak to the specialists here at One UK about our leased line service, before it’s too late!