SIP Trunking Service

SIP Trunking

A SIP Trunking Service provides a more flexible alternative to ISDN for making business phone calls. Modern business is increasing its use of data services like email, the internet and online applications. Using SIP means your data connection can be used for voice too. A single, converged voice and data network costs less than separate network connections.

Ideal if…

  • You have seasonal or short term demands for increased voice capacity.
  • You are purchasing a modern IP-PBX and wish to reduce its upfront and ongoing cost.
  • You want to keep your telephone number when you move business premises or close branch offices, even when moving out of the local exchange area.
  • You want to consolidate multiple sites into a single network.
  • Your business could benefit from a “virtual local presence”, by using geographic number ranges outside your local area code.

What is a SIP Trunking Service?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a signaling protocol widely used for controlling communication sessions, such as voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP). The protocol can be used for creating, modifying and terminating two-party (unicast) or multiparty (multicast) sessions.

Who uses SIP Trunking Service?

Today, most Internet Telephony Service Providers almost all use SIP. This is considered a viable alternative to traditional ISDN. SIP trunks refer to individual SIP sessions and are sold in “channels”, much like traditional ISDN30e lines. So for example, a 10 channel SIP trunk will allow you to make or receive 10 simultaneous calls.

Benefits of using a SIP Trunking Service?

  • Cost Effective – up to 50% cheaper than BT ISDN30e
  • Flexibility – scalable solution that can be flexed to meet your needs
  • Cheaper calls – considerable reductions in call costs
  • Number Porting – port your existing numbers across from BT and many other providers

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