ONE Wireless Solutions

ONE is a leader when it comes to providing Wireless Internet solutions to businesses in the UK & Europe.  We survey, install, manage & maintain every type of solution available on the market.

Additional services we offer a ONE UK

Network Design and Installation Services

WiFi Network Design and Installation Services from One UK comes with a vast amount of experience from installations across the UK. The wireless networking 802.11n market is growing ever increasingly as homes and businesses discover the vast freedom and production benefits of moving into a wireless environment

Iindoor WiFi Installation Services

Indoor Wi-Fi Solutions

The affordability of wireless-networking solutions has made indoor wireless LANs popular with businesses of all types and sizes. The benefits of a wireless indoor LAN for businesses are numerous – it allows staff to share files and communicate via email and the like. It can also be used to facilitate Internet access which is an increasingly important aspect of modern commerce.

outdoor wifi solutions

Outdoor WiFi Solutions

When it comes to the great outdoors and mixing with WiFi access there is no-one better to deliver the solution than we here at One UK. There is so much to sit down and think about when it comes to offering Outdoor WiFi Solutions, why not pick up the phone and ask us?

Public Wireless

Public Internet Access

One of the biggest changes in the way we live our life these days is clearly the internet but the fact that the internet can now be accessed wherever you are means that the rate of change has been enormous.

Retail Ecosystem

By introducing a method of separating the wireless ecosystem from the corporate network and adding our beacon (not iBeacon but YoBeacon) technology, we are able to link the mobile user to your loyalty and CRM interface.  Once established, this interface is used to create a marketing led portal experience that operates without any changes or security compromises to the WLAN.

wi-fi ecosystem with the yo beacon point of presence technology

Wi-Fi Analytics

The term ‘Wi-Fi Analytics’ can be used to refer to two different concepts, one which relates to the technical side of wireless networks and one which refers to the data mining and marketing side.

Broadly speaking, Wi-Fi analytic technology involves the analysis of a Wi-Fi network for the purposes of optimising both speed and network coverage.

Friendly WiFi Approved Provider

Friendly Wi-Fi Scheme

We all know that the internet can offer up disturbing and challenging content, and you can keep a close level of control over the access levels in your own home. However, this isn’t the case with public Wi-Fi and the reason behind the creation of Friendly Wi-Fi.


Point-to-Point Communication

Among the many telecommunication services, point-to-point communication is the simplest and most straightforward. A telephone call, for example, has only one caller and one receiver, limiting interaction between two nodes or endpoints.

Point-to-point communication is abbreviated as P2P (do not confuse with peer-to-peer file sharing) and Pt2Pt.

point to multipoint

Point-to-Multipoint Communication

In its simplest definition, point-to-multipoint communication is a distinct type of one-to-many connection where multiple paths from a single location open to multiple locations. It is abbreviated as P2MP, PTMP or PMP.

This type of connection is commonly used in telecommunications, IP telephony, and wireless internet. It enables private enterprises to establish connectivity to offices in remote locations and provide long-range wireless backhaul solutions for different sites.

Millimetre Wave

Millimetre wave (MMW or mmW)

Extremely high frequency (EHF) refers to the highest range of frequency in the radio spectrum, ranging from 30 to 300 GHz and with wavelengths ranging from 10 to 1 millimetre. It is named millimetre band or millimetre wave (MMW or mmW).  Because these radio waves have high atmospheric attenuation, they have a short range and used only for terrestrial communication with a distance of about a kilometre.

Microwave Transmission

Microwave Transmission

Microwave technology has many applications, particularly in wireless networking. One of which is mobile computing where data is transmitted from a source to a home network using satellite or mobile phone networks. This type of technology makes portable computers and mobile devices more useful than ever.