When it comes to the great outdoors and mixing with WiFi – there is no-one better to deliver the solution than we here at One UK.

BUT It’s not as simple as plugging in a few wireless points, connecting it to your broadband line and away you go! What about the legal requirements of providing WiFi? What about the broadband speeds your currently getting? Are you wanting to charge for the usage or offer it free? Is there an option to make revenues from other local businesses who might want to advertise there local business on your WiFi landing page?

There is so much to sit down and think about when it comes to offering Outdoor WiFi Solutions, why not pick up the phone and ask us?

When we install WiFi solutions outdoors we do so with the experience of ensuring the customer gets what they pay for.  High quality connectivity so there is no comeback for poor downloading.

There is much more to think about when providing public WiFi.  You become a WISP – a Wireless ISP.  With this comes legal requirements, if not followed a knock on the door and a £60k fine is potentially on the cards.

Can your business risk that?

Secure Public Internet Access

Ok, great news! You have the WiFi installed but hold on…. You need to answer these questions as honestly as you can.

  1. Is my broadband fast enough?
  2. Am i providing WiFi legally?
  3. Am i protecting the children whilst using my WiFi?
  4. Is my internal business secure?

If you answer any of these questions with a pause for thought, then you ideally should speak to a professional advisor who can explain the risks you are putting you and your business in.

When it comes to public Wi-Fi, this is not the case and it may be that this connectivity provides an opportunity to see more things that you wouldn’t yourself or your loved ones to see.

We all know that the internet can offer up disturbing and challenging content, and you can keep a close level of control over the access levels in your own home.

However, this isn’t the case with public Wi-Fi and the reason behind the creation of Friendly Wi-Fi.

Why use us for your outdoor Wifi?

When it comes to understanding WiFi in caravan parks and rural areas, there is only one provider that can deliver the right solution for you the business owner.

Our knowledge and expertise is surpassed only by our dedication to deliver a solution that ensures our business grows on recommendations and referrals.  This is why we only deliver what we promise.


Our Promise

We will discuss your requirements, carry out a full site survey, understanding your delivery requirements, look at your current broadband speeds and advise accordingly.

We will ensure you are kept legal, up to date, above the UK/EU legal requirements for becoming a VISP/WISP to ensure you can concentrate on delivering the right service for your customers.

If you have been told that you live too far from your exchange to receive a high quality rural broadband service or that you are out with the BDUK 90% designated roll-out area, we are here to help.

At One UK, we offer a dedicated rural broadband service that will ensure you can be in touch when you want, wherever you are.

When you choose One UK for your rural broadband needs, we guarantee that you will be amazed at what we have to offer.