Wireless Retail Ecosystem

Firstly, it is important to say our wireless ecosystem approach is intended to allow a store experience for the mobile user that can be implemented in a controlled and staged fashion. This step process is intended to allow each element of the solution to be proven, before adding the next.


The ultimate objective is to create a wireless backbone that is used to identify, then track and trace, specific users and to be able to send non app dependent messaging to their device at re-entry to the store. This loyalty messaging layer links to your predictive sales analysis DB and offers a per user, on device, context specific message. No app, no SMS and no email are used and no direct connection or data integration into your PCI compliant secure corporate network is required.

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The way this works, is to open a simple guest access captive WiFi portal that then links MAC address to opt in user data. Our Yobeacons then probe that opted in user device via purpose built beacons located in the store. Most importantly, YoBeacon does not require physical links into the WLAN,  AP or WLC directly.  It only interacts with device probe register data over the backbone and does not handle any guest access or other data traffic. This means there is zero network management or security overhead to deal with when implementing our solution.  The YoBeacon devices are simply geo located in the store and linked to an active map overlay.  Our web portal then allows your marketing team to determine proximity, location, dwell time and heat mapping both by individual and by specific shopper groups.

By introducing a method of separating the wireless ecosystem from the corporate network and adding our beacon (not iBeacon but YoBeacon) technology, we are able to link the mobile user to your loyalty and CRM interface.  Once established, this interface is used to create a marketing led portal experience that operates without any changes or security compromises to the WLAN.

Once the ecosystem is in place, we then can then offer enhanced functionality to build out powerful features such as MPoS, PoI and PoP mobility solutions and those functions being underpinned by the introduction of context specific messaging.  Again, I cannot stress enough the prime initiative is always to achieve these benefits with zero disruption to your existing secure network backbone or your existing PCI DSS approved legacy store software.