free wifi internet access

Our lite package is perfectly suited for small enterprises and hospitality businesses such as coffee shops, golf clubs, bars and restaurants, and up to 10 bed hotel/guest houses or up to 10  concurrent client connections.

Up to 10 concurrent connections

Up to 10 guest rooms

Free or paid access

Standard landing page included

Free technical support

Secure Public Internet Access

The medium package is the perfect public wifi solution for larger corporations and establishments such as hotels which require in excess of 3 wireless access points, or hotels with between 11 and 50 rooms over a small footprint.

Up to 50 concurrent connections

11 – 50 guest rooms

Free or paid access

Branded landing page included

Free technical support

Outdoor WiFi Solution

Our max solution will suit the larger establishments such as shopping centres, football grounds, exhibition halls, sporting events, music events even hotels that require upwards of 20 access points or between 51 and 120 room’s.

Up to 120 concurrent connections

50 – 120 guest rooms

Free or paid access

Branded landing page included

Free technical support

Secure Public Internet Access Solutions

One of the biggest changes in the way we live our life these days is clearly the internet but the fact that the internet can now be accessed wherever you are.  This means that the rate of change has been enormous. When it comes to aiding communication, the retail industry, and social networking, public Wi-Fi has been at the heart of the big changes that have taken place in everyday life. We are pleased to offer a range of internet options and we believe that public Wi-Fi is integral in ensuring people get the most out of their everyday life.

Do you have any of these questions?

  1. How does my business provide secure public internet services without risking the security of the corporate network?
  2. How do I provide an online service that complies with all the new legal requirements, both here in the UK and in our European sites?
  3. How do I collect secure payments from visitors?
  4. How do I provide easy access to users without using additional resources?
  5. How do I know we are providing a stable, solid and secure WiFi solution for users?

Fully managed service

 Every one of our packages offer the extra option of having the installation fully setup and managed by our network installations team.  Our dedicated highly trained teams carry out single site installs to multi-site UK/EU Wide.

As part of the on-going support services we offer, we will continuously monitor your network, hardware and users, we will pro-actively manage any problems should the occur 24/7/365.

Bespoke Packages

 If your business demands a more tailored package, they you can opt to use the bespoke package design service we have on offer. We can arrange a site survey, WiFi heatmap and for a minimal charge provide an extensive report which includes:

Current Wireless LAN coverage (if any)

Proposed Access Point location

Optimised hardware recommendations

Recommendations on service offered

Possible marketing opportunities

Flexible packages

 We can offer you three ‘as standard’ packages. Each package is designed for a specific size of venue or business. The added advantage of bespoke network solutions that will match your requirements exactly.

We can also offer you a number of additional addons ranging from social media integration to SMS login voucher schemes. Please do ask when speaking to an advisor.

Optional Extras

We have some addon optional extras to help you enhance your solutions by using our core packages. You have the option of adding any of the options available.

Facebook login

SMS voucher code delivery system

Email Database signup

Bespoke landing pages

Integrated vouchers

Coupon offers

Flexibility of secure public wireless options

Having flexibility is always of benefit and we are able to offer two different types of wireless signalling frequencies to our clients, the 5 GHz option and the 2.4 GHz option. It is not the case that the higher frequency is automatically the better or superior option, and we are more than happy to discuss your options with you and provide you with the best solution for your needs.

The 2.4 GHz option provides an increased range of service and can be used on a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets. However, in an area where there are a lot of networks operating, service can suffer slightly.

The 5GHz option is less affected by interference but it offers a shorter range and it can be a more expensive option at times. The differences between the two options mean that we can provide you and your business with a tailored service that meets your needs entirely.

Fully Managed Service

Whether you want to be seen as being customer friendly and providing a service or you believe that offering free Public Wi-Fi will provide you with an opportunity to better engage your customer base, we can help.

We believe that our service, which has been developed alongside the wireless experts at Yo Wireless, provides a solution that offers wireless LAN coverage, marketing opportunities, the chance to accept payment for services and the ability to authenticate wall users. This service is fully compliant with all EU and UK legislation, and it is extremely easy to install, set-up and use. We can provide assistance in all of these matters and if you are looking to engage with your audience in a more effective manner, we are here to help.