wi-fi ecosystem with the yo beacon point of presence technology

Wi-Fi ecosystem with the Yo Beacon Point of Presence technology

The ability to individually interface with known brand loyal clients is crucial in today’s digital marketing environment. The mobile customer experience and convergence of brand messaging is now focusing more than ever on the user’s mobile device signature and an individual’s social media footprint.

At ONE, we believe that it is essential to close the loop between users brand awareness and their digital interaction both in the cloud and in via their physical point of presence. To the brand owner, this means identifying, influencing and engaging their loyal clients when they are physically at a brand site or at a sponsored location.

Yo Wireless PoP solution uses a secure Wi-Fi link with a beacon based technology (Yo Beacon).

The challenge with more general mobile solutions is that the technology inevitably requires the user to download an app or create a direct loyalty profile on their mobile device. This need for “on boarding” applications has created a significant barrier to entry that actually dissuades the user to digitally link with the brand owner or attach to on site beacons for messaging.

The Yo Wireless PoP solution uses a secure Wi-Fi link with a beacon based technology (Yo Beacon) that connects with the user’s device when that user is within proximity of the brand venue. This wireless beacon connection, uses simple opt in sign in either by email Facebook or Twitter as the means to initially connect the user’s mobile device. Once connected, that users digital signature is created and used as a messaging location whenever the user enters a brand owners location or sponsored event that employs the Yo Wireless Wi-Fi captive portal technology.

How does the customer interact?

Most importantly, the returning user does not need to load an app, set up a Bluetooth connection or carry out any further interaction for the PoP beacon to recognize them and send a welcome/loyalty message. This non-invasive messaging is achieved through patented the YoBeacon Wi-Fi connection that seamlessly handshakes with the user device and the brand owners CRM and loyalty DB.

Once the mobile signature link is established, the arrival message can be as simple as a personal welcome or as complex as a predictive activity message that makes pin point marketing offers only to that VIP client.

As the user enters the site, further beacons identify specific location by tracking the path and proximity of the user, in order to build a heat map and gather big data analytics. Location messaging at a particular location can be added, but research has shown that continuous direct push messaging is considered too invasive. It is Yo Wireless’s normal policy to limit the use of in-venue location based messaging, to areas where the user makes a specific request for further communication on their device via a separate an opt in app download.

Track trace capabilities

The use of Yo Wireless arrival messaging and the track trace capability coupled to heat mapping and proximity detection, provides powerful data harvesting about brand loyal customers.

The technology allows the location source data to be linked back to social media campaigns that build greater knowledge of the effectiveness of specific campaigns. The brand owner can then easily target marketing messages to create the acquisition of new clients and improve the loyalty and retention of existing clients. Yo Wireless PoP also enhances the average spend ratio of existing clients by making the brand interaction a more personalized mobile experience in the multichannel digital branding landscape.

By deploying the Yo Wireless Wi-Fi ecosystem with the Yo Beacon Point of Presence technology, the today’s brand owner is truly able to realise the emerging marketing opportunities afforded by social media channels and the ever increasing use of mobile devices as the touch point between consumers and brand owners.

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