Business Broadband

You want to make sure that your business is running efficiently and you want to make sure that it can be relied upon at all times. This is where your broadband connection is crucial and at ONE Telecom, we aim to provide the most reliable business broadband service for your clients. We know that there are many things to think about when choosing a business broadband provider but we are confident that we can offer a good price, reliability, security, the ability to scale up or down depending on your needs and we can offer the very latest in modern technology.

Part of the ONE Telecom broadband service is our range of managed services. We know that businesses are looking for the best possible service at all times and we are more than happy to talk you through your options. Our managed services will ensure that you have nothing to worry about. We provide full analysis and we undertake regular reviews of the broadband service we provide and this enables us to resolve any problems before they have an impact on your business. We are also more than happy to provide reporting tools online which enable you to check all of your broadband needs and requirements.

At ONE Telecom, we are able to provide the following:

  • Shared Business Broadband
  • Uncontended (1:1) Business Broadband – Including our MAXStream Service
  • Leased Lines and Direct Internet Access (DIA)
  • Ethernet
  • Point-to-point circuits

We are also more than happy to offer:

  • A wide choice of broadband connection types and access speeds
  • The rapid adoption of new faster “Next Generation Access” technologies
  • A choice of wires only or fully monitored and managed services
  • Flexible billing options of either: a) Pay-as-you-go bandwidth offering the cheapest cost for low bandwidth users or b) Unmetered bandwidth
  • Access to your email from anywhere in the world

All of these services are geared toward offering you the best level of business broadband services which will satisfy you and your customers.

If you need additional support from your business broadband provider or you would like to obtain as much value as you can, get in touch as our team is able to provide help in a number of different ways. We can assist with:

  • Webspace and domain registrations
  • Providing guaranteed levels of service
  • Faster business broadband in previously inaccessible areas
  • Optional broadband line bonding services
  • Choice of point-to-point and/or Internet connectivity


We ask what you want from your broadband connection

Some businesses will provide their clients with a range of options and offer no flexibility or scope to change what is on offer. This is not something that we agree with and at ONE Telecom; we aim to offer a bespoke service. This means we will meet with you and get to know your needs with respect to what is best for your business. We take on board what you say and then offer you solutions based on what is right for your business.

Some of the options we provide include Super-Fast Broadband, with speeds of 19MB/s downloading and upload speeds of 3.5Mb/s. We are able to provide Fibre To The Home (FTTH) and Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) services. We believe we offer a fair price for all of our services and you will find that we are able to provide up to 5 static IP addresses for your business or home. We are able to offer a 999.999% Service Level Agreement and if you would like to discuss data transfer options, we can do this as well.

All of our contact and support members are employed in the United Kingdom and can be contacted when you need them. When you need support, we are always ready to help.

Not every business broadband provider is the same

We know that not every business broadband provider operates at the same level. We aim to offer the best level of service and when you work with ONE Telecom, we aim to ensure:

  • You will not need to wait in queues for support
  • You will not have to contact an overseas call centre
  • You will receive a strong level of support from our team

At ONE Telecom, we aim to ensure that your business gets the level of support it needs and deserves.

We provide:

  • High-grade business Router
  • Low contented Allowances for Data Usage
  • Online backup if required
  • An extra 2.5Mb/s DSL if needed (depending on the distance from enabled BT Exchange)

We aim to offer a competitive price and with high-quality broadband available across virtually the whole of the UK, there is a genuine opportunity to find something that is of benefit to your business. If you want to ensure your business is connected in the best way, get in touch and we will help you out.