Child Friendly WiFi

Friendly Wi-Fi Scheme Is A Big Step Forward

There is no denying that the availability of Wi-Fi has helped people to access the internet easily and conveniently. Whether you use Wi-Fi at home, in school or at the office, using Wi-Fi makes the process of getting online easier, and you don’t need to worry about cables. There is also no need for everyone to crowd around the same computer or device as Wi-Fi allows everyone with their Wi-Fi enabled device to get online. This should help to cut down the amount of fights and arguments you would occasionally find at home, which is definitely something that all parents can be happy with.

There is also the opportunity to use Wi-Fi when you are out and about, which means that you can always be connected to the internet. The next time you are out in town, look out for the Wi-Fi sign and you will see it in countless restaurants, cafés, bars, shops, buses, trains and even in entertainment venues such as football stadiums and zoos. There is an ever increasing array of options for public Wi-Fi, which on the surface is a good thing but it may not be ideal for everyone.

At home, you can take control of your Wi-Fi connection and you can place any blocks or usage levels on your system that you want. When it comes to public Wi-Fi, this is not the case and it may be that this connectivity provides an opportunity to see more things that you wouldn’t yourself or your loved ones to seer. We all know that the internet can offer up disturbing and challenging content, and you can keep a close level of control over the access levels in your own home. However, this isn’t the case with public Wi-Fi.

Friendly Wi-Fi is of benefit to everyone

This is why the Friendly Wi-Fi scheme is of great benefit to families and parents, and it is something that we are more than happy to support. When you are next in town or out of the house, look for the Wi-Fi symbol and you should hopefully see that there are different symbols. The Friendly Wi-Fi symbol is more colourful, and this immediately provides you with the confidence to know that inappropriate websites have been blocked and it will not be possible to access these sites over this connection. This is a great comfort to many parents and if you are keen to ensure that your loved ones are surfing safely when you are out and about, this is the Wi-Fi symbol you should be looking for.

We believe that the internet and World Wide Web is a great boon for kids, as it provides them with great learning opportunities an obvious way to have fun. However, there are dangers online and there is only so much that parents can do to keep their kids safe. The use of the Friendly Wi-Fi scheme provides an added safety feature, offering more confidence to parents. You don’t necessarily want to get into a discussion about why some sites should be avoided or why there is a need to place blocks on certain sites, so knowing that the Wi-Fi connection provides this feature naturally is a great comfort. Knowing that your children can play and learn online safely is a great comfort for parents, and having this option outside of the home as well as in the house is a great benefit.

It is possible for commercial firms and businesses to sign up for the scheme for an annual fee, and this provides them with the opportunity to place the Friendly Wi-Fi symbol around their premises. In a competitive market, this is the sort of feature that may see customers choose one outlet or firm over another, so it is an investment in your business, as well as allowing you to play an active role in supporting your local community.

The Friendly Wi-Fi scheme helps children to surf safely, it allows parents to feel more confident about what their loved ones can access and it allows businesses to show that they are supporting a safer environment for children.