Fibre to The Cabinet (FTTC / FTTH)

The emergence of FTTC and FTTH has changed the way that businesses can get online and offer reliable service. These services provide a higher level of speed and reliability for firms which would have only been available on private networks and leased lines. These services would normally cost a great deal of money so the fact that the reliability and speed associated with these services are available in a more affordable format, there is a lot of interest to business.

High Quality, High Speeds

With the term “superfast broadband” becoming well known across the UK, consumers know that there is a better level of service available for them. This is where the use of FTTC or FTTH comes into play. This next-generation service provides businesses and homes with a high level of broadband connectivity. This service is provided by fibre optic cables that offer improved upload and download speeds, saving time while increasing performance.

If you have noticed the increasing number of dark green cabinets around the country, you will be aware of the rising availability of these services. These cabinets are communication portals for improved telephone and internet connection. If your home or business is located close to one of these portals, you are in line for a better service.

At Rural Internet, we work closely with carriers responsible for FTTC services and this means we can offer you a reliable and high-quality service. It is expected that these fibre optic cables will eventually replace copper-wire connectivity, offering better service for everyone.

If you would like to find out more about these services or what we can do to help you improve your broadband connection, please get in touch with Rural Internet.