When you choose the GEA-FTTC system or the Generic Ethernet Access over Fibre To The Cabinet system to state its full name, you will be able to take advantage of superfast broadband. This SFBB is available up to 80/20 Mbit/s and there are multi-play options available for residential and SME customers. Anyone that is looking to provide a high level of broadband service will find that this solution is ideal for today and is ready for tomorrow.

As you would expect, there are a number of key benefits associated with the GEA-FTTC and no matter what is most important to you, there will be an option available for you to enjoy. One of the strongest reasons why firms are opting for this package is because it enables them to provide a fibre-based SFBB option in their current portfolio. There is also an opportunity to develop a range of services based around the benefit of high bandwidth. Given the changing nature of internet usage, this is becoming an increasingly important aspect for users and businesses, but GEA-FTTC provides everything an end user could want.

There is no doubt that the benefits of a reliable and effective high speed fibre based broadband connection should be notable to all businesses. With respect to online communication, reliability is one of the most important elements. If you utilise this package, you will find that you are able to present a better service to your end users and customers. This is the sort of solution that provides the best outcome for a business and any form of investment can be justified when it results in better services for the business and increased customer satisfaction.

The GEA-FTTC solution is future proof

Another extremely strong element to the GEA-FTTC solution is that it is future proof. It is understandable that there will be concerns about meeting customer needs in the ever changing broadband and internet market, but this solution is one that hands an immediate competitive advantage to a broadband supplier or business. Knowing that your system is set up to move with times and can adapt to the progress being made is a huge relief to many firms. Peace of mind is one of the most important factors for a modern business and knowing that you are future proof is a great asset for any firm.

The use of GEA-FTTC can also provide symmetrical speeds, and these speeds can reach a level of 20Mbps. Again, reliability is crucial to all users and these results are the sort of thing that will help a firm to provide a robust and reliable solution at all times. There is a flexibility in the options available with GEA-FTTC though, which means that every budget can be catered for.

Speed options available with GEA-FTTC include:

  • 40Mbps
  • 80Mbps
  • 160Mbps
  • 300Mbps

While many people will be looking at the cost of such a package with concern, it is not as high as you may originally think it is. This is down to the fact that the installation process of the GEA-FTTC system utilises existing fibre and copper infrastructure. This significantly minimises the cost of the package, ensuring that it remains within the budget of the majority of users.

Another strong benefit to come from the use of GEA-FTTC is the fact that it supports VPN and VoIP, both integral to the operations of many firms. Knowing that this reliable solution is able to integrate with the current working practices is a great comfort to any firm and it should help to minimise disruption.

Knowing the importance of peace of mind, this system is supported by a comprehensive SLA option, and there are a number of backup options with respect to connectivity to fall back on. Even in the unlikely event of a circuit failure occurring, customers will benefit from at least 9 hours of service.

When it comes to finding an option that works for your business now and in the future, the GEA-FTTC solution is one that fits perfectly.