Hosted IP PBX Solutions

When it comes to finding a complete phone system for your business that is affordable and effective, you will find that Hosted IP PBX Solutions are likely to be exactly what you are looking for. We are able to provide a wide range of hosted PBX packages and solutions and these have been tailored towards the use of multiple VoIP customers.

There are many reasons for choosing this style of solution but given the current economic climate, the financial aspect is likely to be one of the most pertinent and important factors. We believe that using this style of solution can reduce your phone bill by around 20% and it can also help to reduce the amount of money that you spend on the cost of line rental. There are also cash savings to be generated from removing maintenance costs, and indeed set-up costs, from a standard phone system.

This is made possible due to the fact that Hosted IP PBX Solutions are provided from the cloud. Your company will benefit from the fact that you are able to connect your team, join up different offices and premises and you can even greatly impact on the working routine of home workers. Working from home is a major issue for modern business and the hosted solution provides you with the chance to allow your home workers to make internal calls for free. There is also the added bonus of improving the professional image of your business if customers connect to an employee that is working from home.

This solution is relevant to your business

We believe that Hosted IP PBX Solutions are relevant for your business, because they can be customised. A broad range of services and industries use this style of system and it is being taken up by more and more sectors all the time. We believe that there are more than 10,000 UK businesses using this system and this number is continually rising. This is because this is a hosted solution that provides a wide range of benefits over existing telephone systems.

  • Are you looking for a system that allows different employees to answer the phone?
  • Do you need this system to be in place at all times of day?
  • Are you looking to provide a call answering unit to respond to calls from clients?
  • Would the facility to distribute voicemails to your inbox be of benefit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this style of solution will provide you with a relevant and focused solution that will improve the efficiency of your business. Not only will Hosted IP PBX Solutions save you money, they will do this while improving the efficiency of your business. There are not too many solutions that can provide this service to clients, so when you have the chance to obtain a better service while spending less money, you should always pay attention.

Once you have made your mind up about this new solution, it can be installed and operational in next to no time. We understand that businesses cannot afford down time, which is why you will not experience downtime when you choose our solution.

Some of the features and benefits we offer include:

You can keep your own number when you choose our hosted PBX solution, ensuring you maintain the business contacts you have developed over the years. This will save considerable money when compared to the cost of replacing promotional material and stationery.

You have the ability to easily create effective voice menus and you can set up call queues with the minimum of fuss and effort. We find this service to be of tremendous value for businesses that have sales departments and customer service units.

You will also have the ability to automatically have calls re-routed depending on the time of day and all of your employees will be able to pick up calls on other extensions. If you are looking to save money while improving your telephone system, Hosted IP PBX Solutions are perfect for your needs.