Hosted Telephony for Business

Hosted Telephony system for business has gained much popularity recently. The trend of hosting business telephone in the cloud has gathered momentum and businesses have greatly embraced the hosting of their telephone system in the cloud due to the many benefits that Hosted Telephony brings to the business. Hosted Telephony is also called Hosted VoIP, Virtual Phone, Cloud Communication, IP PBX or Cloud Voice.

What is Hosted Telephony?

Hosted Telephony or Hosted VoIP is a Telephone System hosted within the cloud. Calls made in a Hosted Telephony system are through IP-enabled phones and transmitted via a broadband connection to the ISP network. There have several arguments about the complete hosting of the system in the cloud, with some believing that Hosted Telephony is not completely hosted within the cloud, and that some circuitry exists. However, the primary benefit that Hosted Telephony has been great for business is the absence of any hardware that requires maintenance within the business premises.

Business Benefits of Hosted Telephony

Hosted Telephony gives you complete control of your business telephone system. You can easily manage your company’s communications across multiple locations right down to each employee through a very simple web interface. Hosted VoIP solutions are available for all budgets, it is charged on a monthly basis and you don’t have to worry about any initial capital outlay. Hosted Telephony is a great technology to businesses that wants to change or upgrade their telephone system but have no PBX hardware. Other benefits of IP Phones include:

Effective Call Management

Hosted Telephony offers you the opportunity of managing and configure your telephone system through a friendly online interface that can be accessed at any location and at any time. Hosted Telephony provides its users a variety of features to configure and manage their calls and other accessibility options.

Ease of Scalability

Hosted Telephony can be scaled either up or down depending on your business strategy and your staff requirements. Cloud Telephony can be integrated with both fixed line and mobile services. With Hosted Telephony, you can easily connect new offices to the central system without any need of buying any more infrastructures.


Though hosting your business telephone system in the cloud exposes it to packet sniffing, however, with the right level of encryption, Hosted Telephony offers the best form of call security compared to the traditional telephone system. The loss of call information happens, whether a telephone system is hosted in the cloud or not, this issue still occurs. Hosted Telephony providers have moved to cater such security loophole by providing several layers of encryption which makes Hosted Telephony more secured than what most people think of it.

Disaster Recovery

Hosted Telephony helps in the effective management of disaster and business continuity plans. Hosting your business telephone system in the cloud makes it easy to continue operation from another location in the advent of a disaster since it’s not hosted within the business premise.

Effective Cost Control

One major benefit that Hosted Telephony brings is the removal of the initial capital outlay. Like the onsite telephone system where you will have to invest a huge sum of money in buying hardware, in Hosted Telephony, you just have to pay for the monthly cost which is easier to accommodate in the business budgets. Besides, the maintenance cost of hardware is reduced and calls between offices are free with the Hosted Telephony system.


Virtual Telephony is an effective enabler of enterprise mobility. Your workers are supported no matter where they are with Hosted Telephony. Your staff don’t have to be in the office to get the “in-office” experience, with Hosted Telephony; your workers have an in-office experience from any location, no matter the type of device they are using.

Benefits of Choosing Hosted Telephony With us

With us, you don’t have to change your number, you keep your number and we integrate it for you. This way you are sure to maintain all your business contact thereby saving you some considering amount of money compared to the cost of replacing stationeries and promotional materials.

  • You enjoy well improved and crisp voice quality
  • Hosted Telephony with us means no PBX maintenance cost or upgrades, we take care of all your system upgrades, software and hardware.
  • No need for traditional PBX phone system maintenance
  • We offer the complete security of your calls with our layers of encryption with great quality of service, diligent patching, traffic prioritisation and gateway security.
  • Ease of migration
  • We give you access to a smart application that allows you to twin your mobile to an office extension.
  • You have different options for your business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • With our mobile application, you will no longer miss a business call, make use of your extension across multiple devices, so when you are not on your desk, you don’t have any worries of missing a call.
  • Free calls between your offices
  • And finally, you save more money with us.

The future is bright with Hosted Telephony and more companies have taken the plunge and understood the importance of the benefits that making the move will bring to their business. Bigger establishments have started to turn to Hosted Telephony mainly because of the ease of migration scalability and for disaster consideration. The primary reason why so many business have not adopted Cloud calling has been security, however, with the increase in adoption of Virtual Telephone system and companies getting used to the new system, these security concerns should be more of user experience rather than mere hear say.

Our Hosted Telephony solution delivers excellent features and functionality for today’s demanding business environment. With us, you work smarter. Our Hosted PBX service delivers powerful and exceptional mobility and calling features that enable the entire organization and its employees to streamline how they communicate, in and out of the office. Our Hosted Telephony solutions allow you to monitor your outgoing calls by placing outbound call limits when the threshold is breached, you can decide to place automatic call barring.

If your organisation is using a PBX telephone system, this is the right time to consider moving to a Hosted Telephony system to realise all the benefits that Virtual telephony offers.