IP VPN Networks

When it comes to getting the best service for your business, it makes sense to rely on managed network packages. If you have suffered problems in running VoIP or any other forms of business applications, we are able to run checks and proper root cause analysis before we implement the IP VPN.

At ONE Telecom, we take this form of service very seriously and we believe that future-proofing your network will provide you with the platform to move forward with confidence. We aim to offer a high level of flexibility, provided by QoS and MPLS, which will help your business to move forward with the rate of change in modern technology. By utilising the ONE Telecom Internet network, we ensure you get access to the solutions and partnerships that will help you to connect with wherever you need to be. We offer a fully integrated solution that can be used nationally and internationally.

If you are keen to benefit from the use of proper video conferencing or VoIP on your IP VPN, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to offer a bespoke solution.

Who can benefit from our IP VPN service?

At ONE Telecom, we like to think that we can help businesses of all backgrounds but with respect to our IP VPN network, the following types of businesses can benefit immensely:

  • Firms with a number of branches
  • Firms operating in the industrial and commercial sector
  • Insurance firms and financial institutions
  • Firms operating in teleworking
  • Municipal and government institutions
  • Health and educational bodies

These are some of the many benefits and features on offer using this service:

  • Uses the high technology MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching)
  • Equipment and networks are shared by multiple users, resulting in the improved value for money compared to a leased line
  • Ability to add extra offices or lines with ease
  • A high level of security is provided by the use of both public and private IP addresses
  • A high-quality global-scale IP communication service can be easily established as an option.