Why Hosted Telephony?

Hosted telephony is where phone systems are cloud-based, rather than taking up space and resources in an office. It is suitable for your business if you are looking to benefit from VoIP, are in growth and don’t want high up-front costs.

ONE Telecom is an award-winning UK telecoms supplier and specialises in hosted telephony, working with leading telephony providers to deliver Nfon and Gamma:

Why hosted telephony?

Hosted telephony provides fast, reliable and efficient communications across a dedicated network, tailored to the needs and usage of your business, small, medium or large.

It can be used across multiple-sites, accessed by Internet-enabled devices and managed through an easy-to-use dashboard. This often results in better productivity from staff, home workers and call centres, which can lead to an increase in conversions and revenue.

A future-proof communications solution that brings businesses into the digital age.

Seamless communication between your people and customers allows your business to evolve and boost productivity.

Communicate quickly, wherever you’re working

Cloud Telephony means you and your people are contactable from any device, at any location. From phones to mobile devices and web browsers, staying in touch on the move is easy.  This means you can speed up your communications, react to new opportunities faster and generate higher revenues.

Connect remote and home workers cost-effectively

With our solution, Cloud PBX your people can access enterprise-class communications features from their mobile device or PC, which saves you spending money on additional desk phones.

Cloud PBX – Reliable communications, collaborative teams

Cloud PBX allows you to break the chains of traditional communications solutions, and with one number and one inbox, employees can stay in contact and work more productively.

Overcome communication challenges and maximise your success

We’ll provide you with help, training and advice from our expert in house team, to get you up and running with our hosted voice solution.

Any home workers, remote users or branch offices may also connect to the hosted phone system using existing Internet connections, however, please discuss these with us so that we can advise on how to assure call quality.



  • One of the key benefits of ONE Telecom hosted PBX system is its simplicity in design. On-boarding and setup are is managed remotely and management is greatly simplified. Our inhouse engineers maintain the phone system remotely and it is all handled by our team leader or facilities coordinator. Putting excellence and experience with you.
  • User and calling configurations can be changed by using the cloud access platform, either by us or users can manage their own settings. Due to the simplicity of the platform being a cloud-based phone system, ONE Telecom’s platform is easily scalable, whether you want to add or remove handsets, add or remove locations or to add and manage remote, mobile, and contract workers. All contracts are based on a 3-year deal, so by managing your total numbers, it’s simple to move around.
  • One Telecom Hosted Telephone PBX is just one of a range of impressive solutions we can offer you, compared to our competition, we have over 30 years working experience not just in the UK but globally. With us, as your service provider, you will have one fixed, monthly invoice. That invoice covers all users, features, and locations – no matter where you are. No add-ons, no hidden charges.

Microsoft Teams Integration for Cloud PBX

Reliable communications for collaborative teams We all want to do more. Now you can. Today’s smart businesses are supporting more mobile ways
of working and connecting with employees. Whenever and wherever they may be, they need to be able to work together via their preferred platforms. It’s not just employees who need accessible communications, customers do too. If you use Office 365, you’re most likely using Microsoft Teams as your workspace solution. It brings businesses together easily and enables natural teamworking.

But what if you could do even more through Microsoft Teams?

More Productive Collaboration Microsoft Teams as your single solution for enterprise-quality business communication. More Cost Efficiencies A flexible, unified communications solution that’s cost-efficient. More Certainty Peace of mind of built-in business continuity. If you’re looking for enterprise-quality voice functionality for all your business communications, you’ll need a telephony solution to run alongside it. Microsoft Teams Integration for Cloud PBX uses Microsoft’s direct routing solution to enable PSTN services from within Microsoft Teams. Your people get a true enterprise voice solution with a host of intelligent telephony features – within the familiar Microsoft environment, accessible from any location
and any device. It means better collaboration and improved productivity.

Microsoft Teams already brings you the benefits of cloud communications, but you can now gain even greater cost efficiencies.

Microsoft Teams Integration into Cloud PBX Softphone App is a subscription-based service. As it’s a cloud telephony solution, your people can access telephony features from their mobile device or PC; removing the need for desk phones and reducing admin costs. You can have a hybrid
environment where users utilise Microsoft Teams whilst others use Cloud PBX telephone system.

Whatever suits, you only pay for what you need.

Integration of Microsoft Teams into Cloud PBX gives you the reassurance of a reliable failover to keep your communications up and running.
Any issues with Microsoft Phone System or Microsoft Teams, simply fall over to the Cloud PBX telephone system. It’s built on fully redundant
architecture that includes highly secure, geo-redundant EU data centres. The integrated communications solution that enables your
people to do more.

Take your business further with the Cloud.

Get more from your teams. Contact us today for more information on how you can work together better than ever before with Cloud PBX for Microsoft Teams.